Bears have been seen in several areas of South Tillamook County.  Bears like to scrounge through garbage cans for a free and easy meal.   You have to be proactive in protecting our bears and the way you can do this is by managing your garbage better. 

If you don’t take care of your garbage properly…..
You may be signing a Death Warrant for a bear!

Bears hunt with their noses.  If your garbage can stinks of used food they will find it.  By taking these easy steps you can reduce the chances of bears and other animals getting into your can.

  1. Always bag your garbage
  2. Tie the bag tightly closed
  3. Keep your garbage can clean and rinsed out
  4. Place tied bag(s) into your garbage can
  5. Bleach in your garbage can will help mask food odors
  6. Ensure the lid to your can is closed/on tight
  7. Use a bungee cord if necessary to keep your lid shut tight


Don’t leave bags of garbage out side of your garbage can
It’s up to us humans to be responsible and keep our wildlife safe

Links:  ODFW Living with Wildlife - Black Bears

Bear proof garbage cans:

Click here for a printable (PDF) version of this information.


Oregon is home to about 25,000 to 30,000 black bears, North America's most common bear species. Generally black in color, they can also be brown, cinnamon or blond. Fast and agile, they are good swimmers and climbers who prefer forests, trails and streams.

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