Sign up with NVSS for garbage service and take some credit for reducing your carbon footprint!

Take advantage of our reliable, clean, and convenient service as we pass by your home and/or business. Stay off the road and convert your "fuel" savings to "free time" in your personal tank!


Roll Cart Purchase Prices and Sizes
Roll Carts
(Vacation rentals only.)
(4 payments @
$32.25 each)
(4 payments @
$18.89 each)
(4 payments @
$17.14 each)

Includes delivery. Shipping charges may vary.

Rates effective July 1, 2017

Residential per month, full-time, year-round residents, based upon a calendar month.

1 Can Once a Week (4 cans total) $32.50
Every Other Week (2 cans total) $22.95
Extras (bags/boxes/etc., each) $8.15

Based upon 32 gallon can or a 36 gallon rollcart. Go Back Charge $27.00

For rental homes: Payment is the owner's responsiblility. Renters' default accounts will be charged to the property owner.
More information for vacation home owners and rental managers.


Payment for service is required by the 15th of each month. Accounts with sixty day balances will automatically be stopped and a $20.00 restart fee will be added to the balance due in order to resume service.

On Call/Count Can Service
This service is convenient and available to second home owners and vacation rental homes. Call us to arrange the right schedule for you!

On Call Monthly Service Charge $8.25
Disposal fee per can (32-36 gallon) $8.15
*Extra stop during the week $6.65
*This is charged if more than one stop is made outside of the regularly scheduled pick in a week. Based upon 32-36 gallon can or rollcart.

Rollcart Service
65 Gallon Rollcart (per disposal) $15.40
95 Gallon Rollcart (per disposal) $20.55

For "On Call/Count Can" customers: We must be notified in advance for scheduled pick ups. No can will be emptied without prior arrangement through our office by an authorized person on your account.

Container Rates
*In order to rent a container from NVSS, you must have at least two (2) disposals in a calendar month. They are also available for short term use (1 day to 2 weeks) for cleanouts. Household or putrescible, biodegradable garbage must be picked up every other week per the Tillamook County Solid Waste Ordinance.

Rates are charged per disposal.

1 cubic yard $26.00
1.5 cubic yards $44.30
2 cubic yards $55.15
3 cubic yards $77.45
4 cubic yards $108.15
Monthly Container rent $12.00 (Permanent)
Short Term Container rent $8.85 (Weekly)
Delivery/set/return fee $50.95

We have other ways to help you clean up!
Nestucca Valley Sanitary Service can meet your needs for household clean-outs, remodeling and construction projects, too! We have multiple container sizes to do your job quickly and efficiently as well as disposing materials legally and environmentally safe at the Tillamook Transfer Station.

Here are a few tips we would like to pass along to you as well!

• Our trucks leave at 4:30 A.M. Monday-Friday,
please place your can out by 5:00 A.M. on your scheduled pickup day.

• The time of day you are picked up can vary due to inclement weather, substitute
drivers and the number of additional stops added to the route during peak seasons.

• All cans must be placed near the main road for pickup.

• Cans are to be no larger than 32 gallons unless they are NVSS rollcarts.

• 32 gallon cans should not weigh over 60lbs per can due to manual lifting and OSHA Regs.

• Cans cannot be lifted from can holders that are more than 24 inches high.

• Water will increase the weight of your can! Keep lids tight.

• No hypodermic needles or medical waste can legally be placed in garbage cans!

• No paints, oils, stain, and other HHHW.

*Extra cans are defined as anything outside of
your garbage can in a can, box or bag.

*Bag packing materials that will blow out when being dumped (styrofoam/paper/popcorn/peanuts/shredded paper).

Holiday Schedule

All holidays except Christmas Day are regular pickup days.
Call our office for Christmas Day schedule.


If you own or manage a vacation home, NVSS would like help you control your garbage collection costs. Click on the links below for printable information on:

Suggestions for Vacation Home Owners
and Vacation Rental Managers

Recycling Opportunities in South Tillamook County


Water (like from Oregon's frequent rain showers) can add to the weight of your can. Water weighs 8.35 pounds per gallon, so even a little in the bottom of your can could, when added to your contents, put your can over the weight limit. Avoid this by keeping your lid closed tightly.

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